28.02.2018 | Info | WindSpace

WindSpace subsidiary won on EU tender for PV construction

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WindSpace has just won EU support for the construction of PV plant Dobre Miasto I in Poland.

The regional EU support system support renewable energy production facilities, that would not have been built without support.

The PV plant is expected to be operational during 2018.

  • 28.03.2019 | Info | WindSpace

    60 MW of wind projects ready for sale and construction in Sweden

    The building permit for wind farms Storbrännkullen and Isbillen has been exteded to the end of 2022.

    Since 2013 WindSpace has developed wind farms Storbrännkullen and Isbillen in located 530 kilometres north of Stockholm in Sweden in cooperation with our swedish development partners. The two farms have a total capacity of 60 MW. As the projects have final permits and have also been through a thorough due diligence process, they are effectively ready to build.

    "We now enter into the sales phase of Storbrännkullen and Isbillen. Because of its ambitious renewable energy plans, Sweden represents a major investment opportunity for many years to come. According to official targets by the Swedish government the country will see an increase in renewable energy generation by 40 TWh by 2020", says Jens Elton Andersen, CEO and partner, WindSpace.

  • 5.02.2019 | Info | WindSpace

    First milestone in getting new value from end-of-life tires

    WindSpace has established Elysium Nordic

    WindSpace has established Elysium Nordic, a Danish company, that creates new value from end-of-life tires (ELT) by using pyrolysis technology to recover gas, steel, oil and especially carbon black from ELT. Carbon black is a material which is irreplaceable in the production of, among other, tires and rubber based materials.

    The first pyrolysis plant will be built in the port of Nyborg. By the time it starts production in 2021, it will be able to recover more than 9.000 tons of carbon black from 30.000 tons of ELT. The plant will be the first step towards a more circular, sustainable and economically reasonable approach to the handling of ELT, in which the tires are recycled instead of incinerated.

    For more information on Elysium Nordic, please go to or see:

    Dansk virksomhed opfører et af verdens største pyrolyseanlæg på Nyborg Havn

    Nyt pyrolyseanlæg i Nyborg skal genanvende 30.000 ton dæk om året

    Nyborg valgt: Ny virksomhed til 300 millioner kroner på havnen

  • 12.12.2018 | Info | WindSpace

    WindSpace investors benefit from positive winds in Polish power prices

    After a few years with uncertainty and low revenues the wind parks in Poland, the balance between supply and demand of power in Poland is changing as envisaged by WindSpace.

    Since 2005 a progressive certificate based support system for wind park investment have secured the construction of 6.000 MW wind park capacity in Poland, helping to support the aging coal powered plants in supporting Polish consumers with energy. until the end of 2017, the power from wind parks was sold at a price related to the price of producing power from coal. From beginning of 2018 wind parks have been selling power at market prices.

    Due to market uncertainty and low returns, nearly no new power capacity has been built in Poland since 2016 and the demand for power is ever increasing resulting in shortages and at times very high power prices.

    We have used this opportunity to secure high fixed prices for for the power produced in WindSpace wind turbines during all of 2019 bringing security to investors.

    "We are very pleased to observe, that our projection of increasing power shortages have resulted in increased revenues. However, we are even more pleased to conclude, that this situation enables ud to plan for future wind parks in Poland and thereby increase the share of renewable energy." says Flemming Engelstoft, COO and partner, WindSpace.

    The share of power in Poland, that is presently produced from renewable sources is approximately 15%. It is expected, that EU requirements will become significantly higher in the coming years. The capabilities in WindSpace enable us to help the transition to a greener future in Poland reducing CO2 emissions and air pollution and increasing capacity significantly faster than would be possible building complicated nuclear or coal plants.

  • 10.12.2018 | Info | WindSpace

    PV projects developed by WindSpace

    Great development for WindSpace in Poland

    17 PV projects developed by WindSpace in Poland have been sold end of 2018. The first PV project has already been build and in operation. The remaining PV projects will be built during 2019.

  • 7.05.2018 | Info | WindSpace

    First cooperation agreement on new green tech investments

    Cooperation agreement signed with Scandinavian Enviro Systems

    As a result of evaluating several innovative greentech solutions enabling reduction in CO2 emissions, WindSpace have today signed a cooperation agreement with Scandinavian Enviro Systems. The aim is to build one of the worlds largest pyrolysis facilities in Nyborg, Denmark to treat end-of-life tires and thereby recover the original components of bio-oil, steel, gas and a valuable product called carbon black to be used in the production of new materials. The excess heat will be delivered as district heating to consumers in Nyborg.

    "The pyrolysis technology from Scandinavian Enviro Systems combines the quality of being very thoroughly tested at their Facility in Sweden and also brand new in the way that we indtend to build an industrial scale plant based on the same technology. This is just what we are looking for in a new green technology to invest in." says Rune Blæsbjerg, CTO and partner, WindSpace.

  • 28.02.2018 | Info | WindSpace

    WindSpace subsidiary won on EU tender for PV construction

    WindSpace has just won EU support for the construction of PV plant Dobre Miasto I in Poland.

    The regional EU support system support renewable energy production facilities, that would not have been built without support.

    The PV plant is expected to be operational during 2018.

  • 7.07.2017 | Info | WindSpace

    14 MW of PV portfolio Copernicus ready to build

    First part of solar project portfolio is ready for construction!

    First part of the PV project portfolio, WindSpace has been developing in northern Poland have now received building permit and is ready to build.

    The projects are expected to secure remuneration from next RES auction in Poland and to be constructed and commisioned during 2018. A total of 14 MW solar panels will thereby be added to the Polish market.

    "We are happy to announce, that we are now able to supply investment opportunities in solar energy projects, and expect to diversify into other renewable tecnologies within the next few years" says Jens Elton Andersen, CEO of WindSpace A/S.

  • 17.06.2017 | Info | WindSpace

    Development of new green tech investments

    During the spring of 2017 WindSpace have changed strategy to utilize our unique skill set in project development, procurement, financing, construction and operation in new technologies. The initial scope was quite wide both in types of green technologies and markets to install the investment projects in order to ensure, that we had the widest possible selection of investment- and development targets to choose from. It has been a very positive experience to learn that so many committed and skilled people are constantly developing new solutions to improve the future environment.  

    This means, that we are now evaluating and developing solar (PV) projects in Poland, biogas projects, pyrolysis treatment of end-of-life tires and other green technologies.

    “We are looking for technologies, that are able to provide greener, cheaper and convenient alternatives to conventional production of energy or use of waste. We are actively looking for new technologies with proof of concept, where we can industrialize and operate the technology in separate investment entities like when we build wind parks.” says Jens Elton Andersen, CEO and partner, WindSpace. 

    The development of some of the projects are relatively advanced and others are still being verified. However, it is quite certain that the change in strategy will result in many new investment opportunities in the coming years.

  • 1.11.2016 | | WindSpace

    Investing in wind farms

    Investing in wind farms will benefit both the environment and your own business

    Today customers, partners and future employees often assess a company based on its values. CSR plays an important role in this assessment. 74% of Danish companies working with CSR, focus on the climate and environment*. This is achieved among others through development of environmentally friendly and sustainable products, reducing consumption of environmentally harmful products or reducing environmental impacts.

    At WindSpace we help companies reduce the overall environmental impact. Through investment in renewable energy production working with CSR will become more powerful and tangible. Investing in wind farms is the most profitable choice while benefitting the environment and providing a reasonable financial return to the company. At WindSpace we are ready to guide you to the best investment. In cooperation with WindSpace your company will play an important role in creating a healthy and forward-looking energy production.

    Today WindSpace builds and operates wind farms in countries where we can find optimal conditions. Sweden and Poland provide such conditions. Besides working actively for environmental improvements, investing in wind farms also add a financial return. Investing your equity in wind farms can truly become a solid and good business while adding a more green profile to your company.

    "44% of Danish companies indicate that working
    with CSR has a positive impact on the financial result*"

    At WindSpace we will be happy to serve and guide you to a succesfull investment together with us. Call us and let us share our extensive experience with both completed projects and projects under development that you can be a part of.

    The question is not whether or not you should work with CSR – the question is: HOW? 

    CSR strategy is a widespread and growing initiative in both large and small Danish businesses. Companies such as LEGO, Call Me, Novo Nordisk – and many more – are actively working to improving the social ethical and environmental responsibility.

    It is up to you and your company to assess which areas that are the most important to you. Whether you choose to work on initiatives that have a social, ethical or environmental conscious, there is a wide range of benefits.

    A survey conducted by the Danish Chamber of Commerce in September 2014 show that among several benefits, 44% of Danish companies indicate that working with CSR has a positive impact on the financial result. Furthermore two out of three also state that CSR is reinforcing company reputation. Customer expectations are also changing, pointing consumers towards companies who act consciously. CSR is becoming more and more business critical.


    * Source: CSR is a business investment, CSR manager Louise Koch, Danish Business 

  • 1.10.2016 | Press Release | WindSpace

    Poland: 32MW installed capacity reached

    We are proud to announce that we have passed the 30 MW marker in Poland.

    In only 5 years WindSpace have tripled our capacity in Poland. With the launch of Wind Park Radzanowo and Wind Park Piastowo we reached a total capacity of 32 MW in Poland.