Executing a successful wind power project requires a clearly defined and healthy process.

At WindSpace we consider due diligence throughout all phases of a project a fundamental condition and a question of professional pride.

Our priority is precise and diligent project management and our processes are carefully designed based on experience from erecting more than 500 wind turbines in vastly different markets across the world.


Successful end-to-end projects

Step 1

Land lease

Necessary land lease agreement for the wind park
Step 2

Grid connection

Obtain grid connections to local power grid
Step 3

Environmental Assessment

Environmental permit and approval for local zoning and detail planning
Step 4

Grid Assessment

Assessment of wind park production based on wind data collection and processing
Step 5

Building permit

Final permit to build the wind park on specific site
Step 6

Investment closing

Infrastructure, wind turbine, financing solution and other offers required for construction start
Step 7


Detailed planning, management, construction and commissioning of the wind park
Step 8


Operation and site management of the wind park