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WindSpace began assessing the Swedish wind market in 2007 and entered into development partnerships with the Local Partners in 2007 and 2014. The Company’s objective was to create and maximize synergies from a larger portfolio of projects located in the same area. Since then, the Company has worked closely with the Local Partners to reach construction-ready status of the Portfolio totalling 350 MW.

Our projects are located in Central and Northern Sweden, where excellent wind conditions combined with a fully developed infrastructure ensure investors a range of exciting options. Settlement is based on Nord Pool prices as well as a market based energy certification system.

The Portfolio is fully permitted, has materially agreed land leases for all Project sites that are either signed or at an advanced stage of negotiation, has been allocated grid capacity by the national grid operator, Svenska Kraftnät, and has multiple years of wind data.


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In Poland, WindSpace has developed and carried out the development and construction management for seven wind parks totalling 22 MW, of which 12 MW was completed in 2015 and whose operations are now under WindSpace management.

A majority of wind parks are located in Central Poland, where the regional terrain offers good, stable wind resources. The area is 100-150 metres above sea level and relatively flat, which gives good and stable wind conditions.

WindSpace is providing construction management services to two further wind parks totalling 10 MW, with commissioning in June 2016. WindSpace has another 50 MW ready to commence construction and 30 MW in development in Poland.