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The WindSpace vision

A world that runs entirely on green energy and recycle all its waste

Shaping the green agenda

WindSpace is a leading wind energy developer based in Denmark with current projects in Sweden and Poland. Our strategy includes expanding in existing markets and penetrating new markets. Ongoing due diligences on new markets will further develop our pipeline with lucrative wind power projects. We are doers with 15 years of team work and practical experience in developing and providing construction and operation management services to wind parks. Furthermore, we are moving into the recycling business through Elysium Nordic.

We aim to bridge the gap between early stage developers and investors to the benefit of all parties involved.

When you invest in a WindSpace project, we incorporate your requirements and needs into our project development from A to Z. One among only a few companies, we offer the opportunity to invest in all development phases including planning and construction.

WindSpace introduces new ground-breaking, large-scale technology for the recycling of tyres to move even closer to fulfil our overall vision. This is done through a separate company, Elysium Nordic.

Windspace team

The WindSpace team

Based on our team's expertise and international network we are able to provide projects with a minimum of risk with respect to the project development and construction phase.

We place high demands to ourselves and our partners, seeking reliability, expertise and accountability.

We act conservatively with a high degree of thoroughness in every process. These values create the best partnerships, generate results and provide the flexibility required to realize attractive renewable energy and recycling investment projects to the benefit of our customers.

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The WindSpace values

Our purpose comes to life through our core values: innovation, responsibility, collaboration, passion and commitment

Our values

We are passionate…
…about renewable energy and reuse of waste products. We aim to develop solutions and projects that contribute to the solution of a global problem, while creating value and maximising return for all stakeholders

We take responsibility…
...and deal with all challenges in a trustworthy, transparent and sustainable way with uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values, including the UN sustainable development goals

We nurture innovation,…
…value the ability to think out of the box and are appreciative of

agility, creativity and common sense to solve problems, develop new ideas and create innovative solutions

With strong commitment,…
…accountability, and perseverance in what we do, we deliver in all phases of development, from early inception to project completion, no matter the size, towards a successful closure

Collaborative partnerships…
…create results when integrating economic, environmental and social dimensions into all decisions. We believe our collaborative approach between people and entities positively impacts problem solving, process and results

Board of Directors

The board of directors draws upon their substantial executive experience in the strategic development og WindSpace.

Rune Blæsbjerg
Board Member
(+45) 41788858

Other positions:
WindSpace, Partner and CTO
WindSpace Polska, Director

Board memberships:
Elysium Nordic
WindSpace project SPVs

Past positions:
Danservice, Partner and Director
Vestas, Project and Service Manager

Electrical Engineer

Søren Eriksen
(+45) 20202454

Other positions:
Viegand Maagøe, CEO
Danish Gas Association, Chairman
Danske Bank, advisory board member

Board memberships:
Admiral Capital
Royal Unibrew
Den Blå Planet
Dansk Generationsskifte

Past positions:
SE Blue Equity (co-founder)
Proark, Chairman

MSc in Economics, Copenhagen

Iben Mai Winsløw
Board Member
(+45) 30519888
Sk%c3%a6rmbillede 2020 04 28 kl. 09.10.52

Other positions:
Winsløw Advokatfirma, Partner

Board Member:
Sezo Architects, Chairman
Sezo Alliance, Chairman
Nordic Solar Energy
Nordic Solar Global
Core Bolig VI

Past positions:
Lundgreens, Lawyer

LL.M. Copenhagen and Amsterdam

The team

WindSpace has since 2006 been operated by its visionary founding partners, senior professionals with substantial proven track record of executing complex projects in co-operation with leading companies in the industry using our proprietary models and process.

The diverse and international WindSpace team consist of committed industry professionals with complementary skills, knowledge and experience across development, construction, operation and ongoing optimisation of investment projects.

Flemming Engelstoft
Partner, COO
(+45) 20827827

Other positions:
WindSpace Polska, Director
WindSpace project SPVs, Director

Board memberships:
Elysium Nordic

Past positions:
i2 Technologies, Nordic Sales Director
IBM, Nordic Sales Executive

MSc. in Economics, Paris & Copenhagen

Álvaro Silva
Project Manager
(+45) 26855801

Past positions:

Chilean Renewable Association, ACERA, Analyst



Electrical Engineer, Santiago

Rune Blæsbjerg
Partner, CTO
(+45) 41788858

Other positions:
WindSpace Polska, Director

Board memberships:
Elysium Nordic
WindSpace project SPVs

Past positions:
Danservice, Partner and Director
Vestas, Project and Service Manager

Electrical Engineer

Claude Y. Jeppesen
Financial Analyst
(+45) 26230534

Past positions:

PFA Global Real Estate, Investment Analyst

Falck, Business Analyst



MSc. Finance and Accounting, Copenhagen

Jens Elton Andersen
Partner, CEO
(+45) 20148322

Other positions:
Elysium Nordic, Director
WindSpace project SPVs, Director

Board memberships:
Loop Partners, Chairman
Elysium Nordic

Past positions:
Mols Ejendomme, CEO
Property group, Sales director
Nordea Private Banking, Head of Section
Danske Bank, Board Member and Head of Section

Chartered Financial Analyst
Diploma in Finance, Copenhagen

Rikke Martensen
Administration & Accounts Dept.
(+45) 22842332

Past positions:
Frydenholm, Accountant
Danservice, Accountant
Alba, Accountant

Accountant, Kongens Lyngby

Pascal Lasnier
Investor Relationships & Market Intelligence Manager
(+45) 22465700

Past positions:
Maj Invest, Head of Emerging Markets Equities
Kirkbi, Head of Emerging Markets Equities
UBS, Credit Suisse and Merrill Lynch

Ba. In Business Administration, Brussels

Katarzyna Jarosz
(+48) 721033500

Past positions:

Jochym Agency accounting office, chief accountant

Association of Managers in Poland, accountant



Diploma of Finance, Warsaw

Accounting postgraduate studies, Warsaw

Accounting certificate, Warsaw

Christiane Hanke
Student Assistant
(+45) 91999606

Career opportunities

At WindSpace, we employ ambitious, curious professionals with an ability to think out of the box and take initiative. You must possess a passion for sustainable energy and be able to communicate with all stakeholders. WindSpace promotes diversity, good work ethics and collegial collaboration without harassment and discrimination.

Competitive advantages

The founding partners have very different skills and backgrounds and a proven track of 15 years of teamwork. WindSpace is dedicated to a selected number of projects that are carefully screened and we nurture strong, long-lasting partnerships. This makes WindSpace a good match for developers and investors who aim for results.

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