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Green business is our business

WindSpace is focused on renewable energy. We have chosen a sustainable business model and therefore only offer investment opportunities in projects that support our vision of contributing to a society that solely uses green energy and is able to recycle all its waste.

Further, we focus on risk return relationships and limit vulnerability in relation to fluctuations in the market. Our projects are within energy infrastructure and are tailor-made for corporate and institutional investors looking for attractive long-term returns.

We will generate considerable environmental improvements and value in collaboration with financial partners who also aim to create a real positive impact on society and nature.

Selected investments

For over 10 years we have optimized our processes for development, construction and asset management within solar and wind parks. This forms the basis of our current and future portfolio of investment opportunities.


Björkvattnet Wind Park in operation

Building the future of sustainable green energy and powering Google data centres: 175 MW developed by WindSpace – Constructed with GE 5,3 MW Cypress turbines by InfraVia Partners. Read more on


Storbränkullen Wind Park in construction

This 60 MW Swedish wind park has been sold to a large independant power producer. The turbines will be erected from 2022 to 2023.

Investments poland

54 MW wind in Poland secured

Land leases for first 54 MW green field wind park project signed. Pipeline of +600 MW will be secured in 2022.

Our markets


Sweden, Poland, and Croatia, are our core markets which we continue developing to ensure long-term scalability and market knowledge and network.

We also evaluate opportunities of developing renewable power projects in other markets. Growth opportunities, appropriate support systems for renewable energy, and experienced and competent local partners are key requirements before entering a new market.


WindSpace develop solar and wind parks in jurisdictions and areas, where each technology is relevant. By developing both technologies and supporting with storage, WindSpace can optimize utilization of grid capacity and renewable energy ressources in the area. Also, local development capacities and contacts to local authorities and partners can be optimized this way.

The process

Executing a successful wind power project requires a clearly defined and healthy process.

At WindSpace we consider due diligence throughout all phases of a project a fundamental condition and a question of professional pride.

Our priority is precise and diligent project management and our processes are carefully designed based on experience from building solar parks and erecting more than 500 wind turbines 

in vastly different markets across the world.

Projectdevelopment Construction Gridconnection Investmentclosing GridAssessment Land lease Building permit Operation EnvironmentalAssessment


Detailed planning, management, construction and commissioning of the wind park

Grid connection

Obtain grid connections to local power grid

Investment closing

Infrastructure, wind turbine, financing solution and other offers required for construction start

Grid Assessment

Assessment of wind park production based on wind data collection and processing

Land lease

Assessment of wind park production based on wind data collection and processing

Building permit

Final permit to build the wind park on specific site


Operation and site management of the wind park.

Environmental Assessment

Environmental permit and approval for local zoning and detail planning