Global network. Local execution.

Windspace activates a global network of industry experts. Working together to power the green transition.

Reaching the ambitious and necessary targets on our horizon can’t be done alone. For communities looking to transform their energy systems and future-proof their grid, we collaborate closely with landowners, local suppliers, and industry partners to ensure that wind and solar parks are developed and built with respect to the environment.

We are committed to delivering excellence, ensuring that each phase of development meets our rigorous quality standards, and we take added care to establish projects that benefit landowners, their neighbours, and the environment for the long term.

Every project is rooted in the local community, involving stakeholders early on to create shared knowledge, traditions, and ownership from the start.

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We empower partners to develop responsibly

—  Shared knowledge

More than just technology, we enable our partners with industry expertise. At the same time, developing deep networks that allow us to gain local insights into the market.

—  Engaged development

Our development process is designed around community needs and traditions. We prioritize open discussions with local partners to map out common goals.

—  Big picture

To build toward a world run on renewable energy, we must accelerate development in all markets. We contribute by identifying where our work can make the most positive impact.

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Our process

From identification to operation

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Technical, legal, and financial assessment and feasibility study to ensure the project can be executed for long-term sustainability

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Land lease

Negotiate and agree on terms with land owners, and plan and prepare for the project development process

Spatial planning

Process to update and adapt the general and local zoning plans for future renewable energy sources

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Environmental assessment

Monitor and investigate the environmental impact of the project guided by local concerns and regulations to assess the implementation of mitigation measures

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Yield assessment

Projection of project production based on wind measuring campaign and data collection or radiation maps and processing for solar projects

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Grid connection

Conduct feasibility study, identify necessary upgrades or modifications to the grid infrastructure, and obtain permissions

Building permit

Environmental permit application based on local and national regulation to finalize development towards Ready-to-Build status

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Balance of plant, turbine/PV solar installation, grid connection and project commissioning

Windspace's commitment to open dialogue and our shared belief in partnering with local contractors and service providers ensured a seamless collaboration. Thanks to their expertise, we were able to deliver our project on time and in a way that supported the local community.
Jens Bak Ibsen, Stenger & Ibsen Construction, CEO Denmark & Sweden