Generating sustainable change.

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Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and we uphold these principles through our everyday actions.

—  Sustainable partnerships

The strength of our company is in our ability to nurture strong relationships with investors, developers, and communities. Connecting the dots to create a project ecosystem that rewards all who partake in it.

—  Sustainable growth

Without a solid business case, sustainable projects lack staying power, and investors become more wary of green investments. Our goal is to enable green projects to produce strong returns that continue to grow over time.

—  Sustainable communities

It’s more than money, it’s knowledge. To ensure that a community can thrive after our involvement, we take the time to validate our projects and equip our partners with the expertise to succeed, and to invest into the local environment.

—  Sustainable development

To work towards a world that runs on renewable energy, it’s imperative that new markets are given the knowledge and opportunity to create sustainable energy sources, and we believe in enabling their progress by bringing new technologies.

Our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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Gender equality

As part of our expansion and company growth, we are committed to recruiting and hiring personnel that contributes to an equitable and inclusive workplace.

Affordable and clean energy for all

We reduce the use of fossil fuels by accelerating the development and production of renewable energy on a global scale and promoting technological development that increases efficiency and lowers costs.

Decent work and economic growth

We set the standard for fair working conditions, both with our employees in countries characterised by good employment conditions and with our entire value chain of suppliers.

Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

We continuously work to elevate our business with the latest technology and extend our network and knowledge through relevant industry organizations.

Responsible consumption and production

Our supplier agreements contain requirements that they must comply with the country's legislation regarding the environment, health and safety, labour law, bribery and corruption, while also complying with our code of conduct.

Climate action

Our work in renewable energy contributes to reducing greenhouse gases that negatively impact our ecosystems, ocean acidification, human safety, food production, water supply, and health, and increases the risk of natural disasters. 

Life on land

Windspace aims to protect life on land through the company’s contributions to climate change mitigation. Windspace integrates ecosystem protection and biodiversity values into its development processes and promotes sustainable forest and fauna.

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